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For fun on or off the water, the Lake of the Ozarks offers   culture, The Lake Arts Council brings quality classical and
          non-stop activity. In addition to our outdoor, marine, golfing  chorale music to the area.
          and shopping opportunities, the Lake is home to several
          unique and fun attractions.                          Relaxation
                                                               One of the Lake’s primary draws is the level of relaxation
          Fun for all ages                                     available here. Aside from soaking up the natural beauty of
          There are tons of action-packed amusement facilities   the area, there is a wide array of leisure activities available
          throughout the Lake Area with activities such as arcades,   at the Lake. Missouri has long been known for unique
          go carts, miniature golf, bumper cars, playgrounds and   wine and the Lake is home to several wineries, all of which
          family fun centers. The Lake is also home to several disc golf   are great for unwinding. Four historical museums tell the
          courses that provide free outdoor fun. Nature programs,   amazing story of the Lake. Charter cruises also offer a
          hikes and cave tours throughout the Lake also make great   relaxing stress free way to tour The Lake.
          family memories.
          If splashing around is your thing, the Lake has you covered   For those looking to add a little action into their trip, there
          indoors and out.  The Lake has a variety of indoor and   are numerous opportunities. For those looking to get a
          outdoor water parks, beaches, waterslides, personal   bird’s eye view, there are helicopter rides, ziplines and
          watercratft, kayaking, paddleboarding, and pools to provide  parasailing. If you wish to stay closer to the water, there
          just the kind of aquatic fun you desire.             are several marinas that rent jet skis and speed boats and a
                                                               few outfitters rent canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and rafts.
          Music                                                On land, there are bike trails on and off  road to provide a
          The Lake has a wide and varied live music scene. Live music   thrilling ride.
          can be found nightly during the summer and on weekends
          throughout the year. For those looking for a little more

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